Looking for a new Accountant to advise you on your personal and investment tax or business affairs. then you have come to the right place.  You will find that we can help you with whatever personal and investment tax or business issues you may be facing.

You will be able to benefit from years of experience that will save you the heartache of spending a lot of time and money and many mistakes in finding out the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

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Welcome to Waite Accountants………thank you for visiting us.

You will find that we are not your normal Accounting Firm. We do far more than “”count beans”” all day !!!!

You will find that we are proactive “”Business Savvy”” Accountants where our main focus to help you succeed in whatever field of endeavour you have chosen to be involved in.

As a client you probably need Accountants who do than more than just look at the tax compliance aspects of your activities, whether they be individual tax, investment tax issues or in fact business accounting and tax requirements.  You need Accountants and business advisors that go much further and help you understand your tax, investments or business issues by showing you how to manage your affairs better, with our help of course.

You will not only understand your affairs better, but you will also be able to make much better decisions because you will have much better information and knowledge about your particular financial affairs.

The catchphrase KNOWLEDGE IS POWER is so true.  the best performing investors and business owners have streamlined systems to manage their affairs.

The system also has to be simple and uncomplicated to be able to work in the present fast moving financial world. As experienced investments and business Accountants we understand exactly what you need. Not only that , we also can tailor design and modify a record keeping management system that suits you and your personality…..everyone is different and therefore you need to have a system that actually works for you…not just a standard “”take it or leave it”” system.

Our focus is on helping you to be the best investor or business operator that you can be and overall pay the minimum legally required tax. There are substantial tax breaks and concessions legally available that the ATO allows……no schemes or fancy “”on the edge “” stuff that is going to give you grief from the ATO.  You will see how, with the right advice, you will be able to structure your investment and business affairs to take advantage of these valuable tax concessions.  How would you like to make a $500,000 capital gain on your business …and have it totally tax free !!!! and better still, 100% legal and approved by the ATO !!!!

The ATO has clearly set out some excellent tax breaks and concessions (with strict qualifying guidelines that you must follow) in order to be able to use them.  We are experienced with these measures and we can help you position yourself so that you qualify and can utilize them and receive a great benefit.

We have helped a wide range of clients with their affairs and so we have experience with most industries.

Areas that we can help you with are as follows; (please see practice services overview page for complete listing)

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping Tax, Individuals, Sole Traders, P/Ships, Trusts, Companies
  • Investment and Business Tax (incl CFD’s and option Trading)
  • Investment and Business Tax Planning
  • Negative gearing, property rental investments, share portfolios
  • Self Managed Super Fund Setup and management including preparation of tax returns
  • Capital Gains Tax Concessions for property investors and business owners
  • R & D Tax Concessions/Incentive for businesses
  • Advice on New Business startups, purchasing or buying a business, selling a business
  • Setups of Partnerships, Trusts (all types), Companies
  • Franchising – Setup New concept, convert your existing business, Buy, Sell, new concept or existing Franchise
  • Networking Industry Tax
  • Forensic/Investigatory Accounting and Tax
  • Medical professionals,  including Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Dentists, Dental Surgeons, Medical Researchers
  • Ballroom Dancers, Dancing Studios, Fitness industry, Martial Arts,
  • Coaching Colleges, Tutors, Teachers (Primary, Secondary, University and TAFE Lecturers
  • Property Professionals including Tradies, Engineers, Architects, Drafting Services, Surveyors, Town planners etc
  • Financial industry- Mortgage Brokers, Finance Brokers, Invoice Factoring Companies
  • Cafe’s, Restaurants, Hotels, Reception Centres
  • Agricultural businesses, Fruit, Vegetable, Flower growers.

As you can see we can help you with almost any personal, investment, Superannuation and business accounting and tax matters and a whole lot more.

For business clients we also offer a free 20 minute introduction session. This is a confidential, no obligation session to discuss your needs and how we can help you with your financial affairs.

So, call us now on 03 9832 0900 to make an appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you.